Did you know that A typical marginal farmer of India faces the problem of a broken agriculture supply chain? They struggle with accessibility to the right markets and fail to get the right price for their produce.

This is where the INI Farms Agrostar partnership comes to play. While we have built a great brand in the export market, with quality and safety as our pillars, a global distribution channel across thirty-five countries and a robust infrastructure in place, across sorting, ripening, grading and packaging, INI Farms takes great pride in reducing agricultural waste - all of this on the output side. The other factors that make market linkages even more challenging are transport logistics, lack of storage facilities, too many intermediaries and traceability issues for the buyers, especially exporters. While Agrostar on the Input side has extensive database that covers deep farmer data and data points that include, location, sowing date, harvest date, seed variety sown by farmers, treatment followed for crops and harvest pictures indicating the quality of the produce.

These data points help identify farmers at scale and link them forward to the right customers . Moreover, a detailed understanding of how the crop has been grown aids in traceability and transparency to the end consumers. This is where the power lies in - AgroStar’s world-class tech capability and enormous database, combined with INI Farms’ strong sourcing infrastructure with inbuilt SOPs.

With a guarantee of global quality standards and the strong network of farmers and customers respectively on both sides, the combined entity will now focus on the mission of Helping Farmers Win.