Scan and trace the fruit journey​

INI through its tech-enabled proprietary 'FruitRoute' program provides complete traceability & transparency to customers. Complete visibility is provided from farm to retail at each step in the fruit's journey through a dynamic QR code affixed on the fruits.

Digital Farmer Aggregation

Tech solutions for improving crop productivity/ quality and large scale aggregation
Frontline Team Performance

Beat Planning for supervisors Real-time performance monitoring

Quality Standardization

Tracking and monitering pre-harvest implementation of SoP Farm level traceability

Creating a Community

An app-based farming community of all growers engaged with InI leading to farmer education and problem resolution

Transaction Control

Real time pricing system for parity across large number of farmers Analytics based Supply Prediction

Supply Chain Automation

Improving post harvest efficiency and reducing wastage
Wastage Reduction

Transaction level multi-stage wastage monitoring against benchmarks leading to reduction below 2%

Real Time Vehicle Tracking

GPS based vehicle movement tracking across all locations and In-transit temperature monitoring

Quality Management

Identifying source of problem within 2 hours; Corrective steps and customer response within 24-48 hours

Process Automation

Smart tools for automated sorting, grading and packaging to deliver consistent and superior quality of fruits