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The farmers associated with InI are the real reasons for the superior promise of Kimaye Banana. InI provides technical guidance, access to low-cost-high-quality inputs and market access to these farmers. In its own fields, InI ensures that Global Good Agricultural Norms are followed and continuous production improvement techniques are developed.

banana production

Round the
year production

Every single day, a new Kimaye Banana plantation is coming up; every single day, the consumer is enjoying a superior fruit. Yes, we are available - every single day!

banana production

The tasty bite

The Narmada valley in Gujarat where Kimaye Banana is grown is naturally endowed for producing superior quality Banana. The Banana simply tastes better with rich texture and has great nutritional value!

banana production

Enriching livesOne Banana at a time

InI pays 20% premium over prevailing market price to farmer – probably the only program in the world with such high premiums! This ensures a better livelihood to hundreds of poor and marginal farmers.