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InI Farms is a horticulture company focused on Pomegranates and Bananas.

  • Integrated and Focussed

    InI Farms controls and directs the operations in chosen products from farming to consumption. This includes doing large scale farm-level operations, managing and controlling the process right through-out the supply chain and supplying the fruit across the world to large importers and retailers.
  • Equitable Partnerships

    The business of InI is built on the principles of cooperation and partnerships. We work with our employees, farmers, investors and customers to build a “Healthy-Sustainable-Socially Impactful-Business”.
  • Food Safety, Environmental Protection and Humane

    InI Farms meets the most stringent global environmental and health norms by controlling use of pesticides and chemicals. We follow Global Good Agricultural Practices including process control, no child labour, hygiene & sanitation and environmental protection. All products meet European residue norms: Safe for human consumption and for the environment.
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